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It’s all about the vibe

Urban City is all about people who want to inspire and be inspired. People who want to grow and get better. Who feel and nourish the vibe. Are dynamic and creative. And also work to live. Someone an espresso? Want to watch the boats on the roof terrace? Someone for a game of table tennis? Or better: an Urban City World Championship!

No worries service

YsUrban City helps you focus on your work. Not that we are going to get involved an tell you what to do. On the contrary, with our office services no one except us has to worry about facilities, equipment, reception, maintenance, security, … and everything you can think of that keeps you on your focus: entrepreneurship. Need catering? Check! Support for events? Check. Virtual Storyteller on the agenda? Check! Virtual office services? Check! An elephant on the roof? Everything is possible! (At least if the fire brigade would allow it, but we have checked it and it remains a ‘you’re joking, right?’).

  • No worries 100% 100%
  • Worries 0% 0%




It is BS to say that we know coffee is important. That the most productive clashes are conducted with a head in hand and that a cozy chat brews the best ideas. We also know that the quality of coffee in the office is important. And so we know it is important to say how great our coffee is. Really great. Like everything else in Urban City. That is anything but BS.